Rome, Italy

Rome is the largest capital city of Italy. Rome is known as the capital of the Lazio region with a population 28,72,800 within the range of 1285 km and also comes under the most populated comune of the country. In European Union, it is the fourth most populous city having a population of 4.3 million. Rome is a part of the Italian peninsula and located in the central- western part of Rome.

Rome is a place with wonderful palaces, old churches and has lots more things like statues and amazing fountains. Rome has a historical heritage and it is widely popular for these things with the magnificent cosmopolitan atmosphere which makes it one of Europe’s most desirable places renowned for its beautiful surroundings. Rome’s dazzling night city has something seductive where visitors will mostly be seen roaming around to feel the vibes of the streets of this city. Shopping savviness of people are very high here and so does the propensity to getting engaged with newly launched products in the market and it is widely popular for its fashions and regarded as the shopping heaven, anything from oldest Jewellery to clothing to household chores are here under one place.


  • Rome is one of the most beautiful cities and appreciated for its panoramic views and villas. What puts color to its beauty are its artistic treasures and unique traditions.
  • Another center of attractions is museums Musei Capitolini, Galleria Borghese and the Vatican Museums. It is estimated that around 4.2 million tourists visit in Vatican Museums.
  • Some major points for which Rome is widely popular are historical buildings, fountains, catacombs and churches.
  • There are also numerous ancient sites in Rome including Trajan’s market, forum Romanum and Trajan’s forum. 


  • Rome is an Education hub and considered to be the nationwide and international center for providing higher courses of education, numerous academics and universities.
  • As per the city brands index, Rome has evolved as a Great Historically, Educationally and culturally place and has achieved second place globally.
  • Rome has some of the best universities including the French school in Rome, the John Cabot University, St. John’s University and Pontifical Gregorian University.